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Opting Out of the Federal Rule Requiring Physician Supervision Does Not Increase Access to Anesthesia Care, Study Finds

The Medicare “opt-out” rule that allows anesthesia to be administered without physician supervision does not increase patient access to anesthesia care, according to a study recently published online in Anesthesia and Analgesia. The study shows that overall, opt-out states experienced a lower growth in anesthesia cases (anesthesia utilization rates) compared with non-opt-out states, suggesting that […]

States Urged to Submit Comments on VHA Nursing Handbook

In preparation for the release of the VHA Nursing Handbook, all states are encouraged to prioritize participation in the Protect Safe VA Care initiative at www.SafeVACare.org. Online, members can draft comments on the importance of physician-led anesthesia care and maintaining the Anesthesia Service Handbook for our Veterans. Read the full article in the NSA March […]

Five Tips for Pain Management with Opioids: What You Need to Know About Common Prescription Medications

Millions of Americans take prescription pain medications called opioids. While opioids control pain, they’re not without risk: each day 44 people die from opioid overdoses and 80 percent of those deaths are unintentional. Prescription opioid abuse and misuse have become epidemic, with more than 2 million Americans addicted to the pain relievers. However, opioids can […]